Super Science High school

Hello! I’m Shuntaro Ueda. I entered this lab in April of this year.
My recent goal is to make international students laugh in English.
This is my first blog post.

We held Super Science High school for 3 days from August 4, 2020.
We were able to carry out face-to-face prevention of COVID-19 thoroughly.

The theme of this time is “Development of learning support system using Augmented Reality (AR) technology”.

The curriculum is explanation about AR, implementation of sample program, and creation of free assignment.
Student made “Chemical reaction experience application”.
She did everything from idea creation to implementation.

Although she had no programming experience, she was able to master interaction with virtual objects and between two AR markers.
The AR app I created for the first time was cheaper, so I felt a little embarrassed…

Visualized chemical molecule

Water is generated when oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecule are brought close to each other.

Matchsticks and firewood registered in the AR marker. When these are brought close to each other, a fire will occur. It can be erased with water.

It was a valuable experience to teach the student what I learned in this lab.
I am glad the she also enjoyed it.

I’m going to make an AR app for improving English conversation.

Internship at Technical University of Munich

Hello, I am Kenta Sugiyama who is a M1 student in IMD lab. I had been to Technical University of Munich in Germany as an internship student from 9th October to 6th December. I joined the project team that is working on IMU sensor fusion under supervison of Ph.D. student, Jadid and Prof. Klinker. My work was to run sensor fusion on a microcontroller. I learned α lot about IMU sensor fusion, Kalman Filter algorithm, and implementation on microcontroller.

In Germany, it was colder than in Japan. Even in October I felt the same as in Japan in winter. You need to bring warm clothes even If you plan to visit Germany in only autumn.

The right picture shows a famous slider in the Maths and Informatics building of the university. I was going to slide on the last day, but the entrance was closed on the day, so I couldn’t slide… (Maybe I have next time!)

In the university, ”Language Cafe” is held once a week like the picture below (I got this picture from the University website). You can speak the language what you want to speak if you sit that language table. Actually I could make many friends who are interested in Japan. I was surprised and happy because many students were interested in Japan and could speak Japanese.

I had great time and great experience in Munich. The all lab members were kind and I could concentrate in my research project. Thank you for all! 

2019/06 Research Camp

Hello! My name is Hitomi. I’m M1 student.
This time, we went to Shiga prefecture for two nights and three days research camp.
It has been a while since I entered the laboratory, but it was a good opportunity to get along with my seniors and teachers.
So, I would like to show some photo of the camp!

Not only play but also study is one purpose, so there was a presentation on the final day.

This camp was very hard, but It was very benefit.
I will put a group photo at the end. Thank you everyone who participated in the training camp!

1month internship in oulun yliopisto (university of oulu)

Hello, I am Taisei Watanabe, M1 student in IMD-lab.

Oulu Airport

I had been to University of Oulu as an internship student for 1 month from 5th Feb. to 28th Feb. I also join the sprint-project team same as Ayaka. And, my work was estimation of human 3D-joints and calculation of sprint information (pitch and stride).

Left picture is taken in Oulu Airport. When I arrived in oulu, actually I forgot to bring my coat. So, I felt super cold wind there. Otherwise, when I arrived in my room in an apartment, I was surprised that the room is so warmer even compare to my room in Nara. Warm water heating is super gread!

University of Oulu


Right picture is outside view of university of oulu. I think the amount of snow is less than Jan. So, I was more lucky than Ayaka about the coldness. But there was another problem. If the temperature is higher than 0 degree, of course the snow melt. And then, If the temperature will be lower than 0 degree again, ICE will be made on roads. The ice was so dangerous, I heard from many people who got pain from the ice. So, if you want to go to Finland, please be careful about the ice!

Bronze statue of police in oulu-city

Other, there is a bronze statue of police in the center of oulu-city. Above picture is that one. This monument is quite well known in oulu-sity. But one problem is around the statue is surrounded ice. I don’t know the reason, people is not in around there when I came.

Anyway, the days in oulu was so interesting. That’s why, there ware many great restaurant in the university, and there was many friendly people. So I could concentrate in my research activity. Thank you for all!

Internship at University of Oulu

Hi, my name is Ayaka Matsumoto, M1 student in IMD lab.

University of Oulu

I have been in an internship at University of Oulu in Finland since 7th January. Here, I join the project team that is working on 3D pose estimation from 2D images with Ph.D. student, Lam and under supervision of  Prof. Janne. This project is using Machine Learning, so I’ve learned about it for a month before I started my internship. It is very challenging work for me, because I have less knowledge about Machine Learning. However I hope I will be able to get some results for this project.

By the way, it is basically -15℃ here, and in the morning and night it goes under -20℃! I have never experienced this super cold weather before, but I’ve never experienced this incredible scene where everything is covered with snow as well. It is very beautiful. Since the campus building wall is painted with fresh color, you can enjoy the contrast between white world of snow and colorful world of college.

It is 3pm. It is getting dark.

White tree covered with snow.

Blue & Yellow hallway

Orange & Yellow hallway

Green lecture room


2018 JST-MoST Conference ICT for Accessibility and Support of Older People

Hello everyone! Jayzon (Master’s graduate) here.

Last November 24 – 27, Kato-sensei, Okahashi-sensei (Occupational Therapist from Kyoto University Hospital), Matsumoto-san (M1), Inoue-san (M1), and I went to Tainan city in Taiwan to attend the 2018 JST-MoST Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Accessibility and Support of Older People. The conference was organized via a collaboration between different universities from Japan and Taiwan, and was mainly focused on addressing issues related to super-aged societies using ICT.

View of Tainan City from the hotel.

Photo of the conference venue. Photo courtesy of Okahashi-sensei

One of the main events of the conference was the poster presentation. Matsumoto-san presented her current research about developing strategies for promoting and sustaining motivation for rehabilitation, Inoue-san presented about designing, developing, and evaluating an augmented reality (AR) music game for finger rehabilitation, and I presented about integrating the finger pressing evaluation training system (PETS) with AR. (Photos courtesy of Okahashi-sensei)


Towards the end of the conference, 3 best poster awards were presented, and Inoue-san and I received 2 of the 3 best poster awards.


Given that we were already in Taiwan, we did not miss the chance to visit the night market and try the stinky tofu (臭豆腐). Inoue-san and I thought it was delicious, but Matsumoto-san hated it very much XD.

We also had a tour of National Cheng Kung University (国立成功大学) and were introduced to different research laboratories.

Finally, before going back home, we visited the Hayashi department store (林百貨) to shop for souvenirs. Hayashi department store is one of the most iconic department stores in Tainan city, dating back to the period when Taiwan was colonized by Japan. Across the department store is a branch of the Nippon Kangyo Bank (勸業銀行), another iconic building that was also established on the same period.

Hayashi Department Store (林百貨)

Old Branch of Nippon Kangyo Bank (勸業銀行)

Overall, we really enjoyed Tainan city, and we definitely would love to go back. Here’s hoping for a stronger collaboration between Japan and Taiwan in the near future!


Internship at University of Oulu, November 2018

Hyvää päivää!
M2 student Silviya here, been on the second week of my Internship at Oulu University, Finland. First impression ? The weather is super COLD, it’s literally freezing every day. But hey, you can get free coffee in the lab every day ! Yaay coffee !! ❤

I’m assigned in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, laboratory of Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS), under the supervision of Professor Janne Heikkilä. My first day was amazing, of course.. as always I got lost a bit when I tried to find the lab, but the good point I was able took my own time to explore the university, went through most Faculty before I got to the right lab (Yaay again!). Here, in CMVS lab. their research covers broad and various fields, including Neural Network, Augmented Reality, and 3D reconstruction.

Once you get inside the laboratory area, you will see a screen display, with Face Analysis demo running in real time to do gender recognition and also facial expression recognition. But then “Female = 0 “. Finally, I’m an alien and can’t be detected ! (Yaay again??)

I’m undetected. Yaay !

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Greetings Everyone!
Damien Rompapas, D3 student, Reporting for Duty!

I participated in two conferences back-to-back:
ACM UIST 18 (31st symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) in Berlin, Germany
IEEE ISMAR 18 (17th International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) in Munich, Germany

Where I presented a game developed as part of my research work as a demonstration.

I presented HoloRoyale: A Large Scale High Fidelity Augmented Reality game
(you can see a video explaining the work here: video )

The presentation was quite enjoyable, I gave a demo and teaser many people wouldn’t forget

Commander Rompapas ready to present the 1 minute teaser!

Of course I enjoyed various other activities, such as enjoying the local food in Munich, one restaurant was quite special, you could order a specific cut of meat and they cooked it up for you (which leaves a bone one can have a little fun with!)

Goofing off at a specialist steak restaurant

MIRU 2018

Hello everyone.
I’m Ryo Akiyama, D2 student.

I participated in MIRU 2018 @Sapporo on August 5th to 8th. MIRU (Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding) is one of the largest conference about computer vision in Japan.






I had poster presentation this time. The title is “Expanding perceptual color range of a projector by inducing color constancy (色恒常性を利用したプロジェクタの色域の知覚的拡張).” In MIRU, all the presenters (even invited speakers) need to have poster presentation. In other words, we can meet all the presenters at the poster presentation room. I don’t know this is the reason, but many participants were discussing with presenters at poster room and they look very active.

Of course, I also discussed with many people about my research. And I got “Interactive Presentation Award.” This is a kind of “best poster award”, and 7 presentation (from 224!!) got this award. I am very glad to have this award, and I feel thank to my supervisors who support me a lot.

I conclude this post with some photos.
Thank you for reading.


poster presentation









when I got the award

people in Hokkaido eat a parfait after drinking


Hello, I’m Haruka Matsumura, in our laboratory’s event organizer committee.
In early May, we held Welcome Party for new M1 students who entranced in this year April.
(My post was so delayed X( )

In this time, we have 6 new Japanese students joining our lab, and also 2 research students in our lab becoming new M1.
So, we have 8 new M1 students now.
We’re happy coming many new students!

Group Photo