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VRSJ2013 (Fujimoto)

The 18th Annual Conference of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan

Date: September 18-20th 2013

Place:Grand Front Osaka, Osaka.

Participants: 500

Hello, this is Yuichiro Fujimoto, PhD student (D2).
The participation for this conference was the second time for me.
At this time, the conference was held at Grad Front Osaka which was built on this year’s April.

Panel Discussion: Reconsideration about HMD
Presenters were discussing about a new head mounted display, “Oculus Rift”( which was on sale lately.
I had regarded this HMD as a new type of HMD with the high-FOV (about 90 deg).
However, researchers or developers participated in this discussion told that there has been many such kind of HMDs
and they felt a sense of nostalgia by this HMD.
They also told that there were many problems about both the software and the hardware of current HMDs.
We have to consider about it in our researches, not just expecting developments of new cool HMDs in specific companies.


First keynote speakers is Masanobu Endo who created really famous and cool video games (XEDIOUS, The tower of Druaga, and so on, do you know?).
He made a presentation about the process to imagine new things and create it actually and put it out into the world.
Second keynote speaker is Zenichiro Kawasaki, a emeritus professor of Osaka Univ. who has been working on the research about the thunder and the lightning for 34 years.
I found him really love his research by his talk and thought that researchers who could love his or her own researches like him could become a famous researcher.


The demonstration of IVRC (International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest) was also held at the venue. My favorite demonstrations are follows.

Virtual Rope Slider:
This system makes users a virtual experience using one of athletic facilities, a rope slider.
This system consists of a HMD with the high FOV, a chair for the vibration and an electric fan for making air, which makes the high reality.
Many people were waiting in the line in order to experience this demo.


Gravitomin-Acid: a flavoring to change the weight of foods
This system can change the weight that users feel by foods.
At first, users shake the bottle of Gravitomin-Acid (an imaginary flavoring).
Then the location of the weight in a folk which user glabs gradually changes depending on the intensity of the shaking.
So users feel as if the weight of the food changes.
The concept of this demo is really attractive for me!


Next my blog is about ISMAR2013.



This is Hosana Kimura(M2).

I participated in HIS2013 and this is my report about this event.

Conference: Human Interface Symposium 2013
Date: September 10-13th 2013
Place: Waseda University, Tokyo

I participated in a conference for the first time in my NAIST life!
I am glad to take part in the conference. 🙂

HIS2013 is held in Waseda University.
Waseda University… Of course, I know! This university is famous in Japan.

First, I took a commemorative photo:
2013-09-10 12.04.55_2

My presentation started on the 13th… I hoped for an earlier date…

This conference was held for four days.
Some workshops were offered in HIS2013. I will report about the workshop held on the 11th.
The theme is “Words are imitation. Let’s express feelings in your body”.
What is “surprise”? What is “joy”? What is “sensation”?
We discussed about these feelings and expressed it in our own silhouette.
#”Surprise” is a method of crisis prevention. It is important to bend backward.
#Why do you raise your hand to express “surprise”?
#This pose is easily understandable. But I have never done this pose.
and so on…
Surprise: Bend backward and raise my hands. ┗(0o0)┛
Joy: Raise my hand and jump! v(^v^)/
Sensation: Hold my arms open upward and look upward. \_(0_0)_/
Sorry… I forgot to take pictures. Can you understand what I explained?
Of course, there are no answers. But I heard that each groups discussed about similar contents and this result is also similar. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

About Other Research
My favorite is this one:
Uesugi et al., “Steering Wheel Interface Focused on Bimanual Coordination”
Tools are categorized as easy or difficult. Almost everyone says “I want to use the easy one.” However, the difficulty is often increasing with the tool’s functionality (e.g. tricycle and bicycle). They focused on this factor and discussed about the design.
Um… I am interested in this idea. It’s challenging!

My Presentation
Title: Map-based Navigation System for Learning Route Planning
I will introduce my research briefly. The aim of this research is to develop a navigation system which will teach users self-navigation.
The result is…
The presentation was so-so. But the question-and-answer session was not so good.
Some audiences say “I think that this proposed method is not expected to get learning effect.”
I could not explain clearly…
I could have been able to make the presentations more compelling.
2013-09-13 10.35.43_2

Making a presentation outside was a good opportunity.
I can get the opinion from an audience who listened to my presentation for the first time. From their comments, I can learn points to be improved. This is a very important thing!

This report is over. Thank you for reading!


Hello, this is Heesung Lee, M2 student.
I attended the Human Interface Symposium 2013 at Waseda University from 10.Sep to 13.Sep.


This is an annual symposium by the Human Interface Society.
From our Lab, Kimura, Yamamoto-sensei, Kato-sensei and me attended it.


This year the symposium’s theme was “co-creation”.
I have already heard about “co-creation”, but I didn’t know any details before attended the symposium.
However, I think I could get some hints to better understand this concept during my stay.


The first day, I attended a workshop about how to co-create things with consumers.
In this workshop, at first, we sketched one item of ours. I chose my earphone.

When we sketched that, the lecturer gave us some limitations.
1. Don’t try to draw perfectly.
2. Just focus on the interesting points.

These are our illustrations.


The top right is mine and the one from my illustration three to the left is Kimura’s.

After that, we used “Zuzie”.
Zuzie is collaboration tool to make story with other people using their illustrations.
Here is a movie using Zuzie.

At first, our team focused on the hardness and the color which an item has.
But through discussion, finally we focused on the shape of the item.


At the workshop, the lecturer said “At the present time, designing methods have changed from previous time. Now it is not design for the user, it is design with the user.”
I remember these words strongly.
And I thought it is the most important concept of co-creation.


Second day was my presentation day.


My title was “Visualization of Awareness Information Based on Pre-Shared Knowledge”.
This research aims to promote tele-collaborative working by sharing each other’s context between members.
The presentation time was 20minutes. But I finished earlier because I was nervous.
It was better than overrunning, but I wish I would have used the whole time.

In Q&A time, I prepared some answers but some people asked me about experimental data of my research.
However I didn’t prepare detailed data. It was difficult to answer.
After presentation I thought I should not only prepare for the presentation but also prepare data.

After my presentation, I attended many sessions.
In this research area, many researchers are researching problems which are difficult to solve or might have even no solution.
For this reason, people may think they solve strange things, and ask themselves:What are they doing? What will it be useful for?
But if we check attentively we can find interesting points from every research.
It is easy to quit thinking deeply, but if we quit thinking we can’t reach interesting points.
While attending these sessions I thought of these things.

Evening session

On the third day’s night there was an evening session.


I expected to meet other university’s students. But there were only few students…
However, I could talk with a few students who attended to present their posters.
And we discussed about the difficulty of research.
These discussions are a good point of conferences.

If we hope to attend a conference, there are many things we have to solve.
But after attending it, we can get many things for our efforts.
After the symposium, I felt motivated to do a better presentation next time!!

P.S. After Kimura’s presentation, I found something shining white in his back…Oh…


GCAD workshop

This is Arno, I am an M2 student at the IMD Lab.

I went to this year’s GCAD workshop to present my master’s research
on multi-scale particle-based fluid simulations. The workshop took place in
Toyohashi on Septemper, 9th.

2013-09-09 11.04.43

The title of my presentation was “Adaptive Particle Splitting based on Turbulence
Energy for Fluid Simulations on GPUs” and I talked mainly about ideas on how
to dynamically sample fluids in certain regions at higher resolution to better
capture small scale details such as splashes. I was given 20 minutes presentation
time followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. Unfortunately for me,
my presentation was the only one in English, and so, even though most presentations
looked very interesting, I could not understand most of it. Most of the presenters
were masters and doctoral students. However, professors and people from the industry
had a talk as well. The workshop itself was very short. It contained nine
presentations over three sessions and finished at around 19:00h. Afterwards,
there was a dinner party, which I did not attend as my trip to Toyohashi was
quite exhausting and I wanted to go back as soon as possible.

I was happy to meet Professor Fujisawa, who is now professor at the University
of Tsukuba, again. During my masters period he kindly gave me a lot of advise
for my research.

For more information on the workshop itself, please check their website at:

Lab Trip 2013

In September the 3rd and 4th of the year 2013 we went on the IMD lab trip, it was my first time to experience such kind of trips ( I mean going with the lab on an entertainment trip). In fact, it was a wonderful trip, we had good times. As follows I will talk about the locations we “explored” during our trip.

In the beginning of our trip, we head to Ise Jingu, which is a sanctuary with many shrines. The nature surrounding that area was a wonder. We had a good time going through the temples.



A group picture in front of the entrance of the Ise Jingu

IMGP2894Next, we head to Ise Shima Everglades, where we stayed most of the day. We had a lot of activities. Some of us (most of us to be exact) tried riding the boats, unfortunately, when I tried it, it started to rain. In the evening, we set up the barbecue furnaces and started barbecuing various types of food (e.g. seafood, sausages, chicken “Kofta”, etc.). IMGP2788In the middle of the barbecue event, we played a game called “Bingo” , where the winner gets a prize. This includes the activities and places we visited in the first day.






One of the winners in the Bingo game


IMGP2899     In the second day, we went to the Toba aquarium and Iga-ryu ninja museum. In the Toba aquarium, we explored many sea wonders, such as seahorse, New Caledonia Nautilus and etc. .


After that, we head to the Iga-ryu ninja museum. This museum included very beautiful sites, where you could learn much about ninja’s history, ninja techniques & tools, and try some ninja activities (e.g. throwing shuriken), overall, the museum was a very interesting place to visit.This includes the places we went to in the second day.




Welcome! Internship student!

This is Tatsuya Fukui, I’m M1 student at the IMD lab.

This time, Maeda-kun and Fah came to our lab for internship.
So I’ll talking about the welcome party and send-off party for them.


Maeda-kun joined our lab for three month, and Fah joined for two month.

Followings are the photos in the welcome party.


Miyazaki-sensei’s playful smile!


Maeda-kun was asked to introduce himself in English by some international student. 😀


Of course, Fah introduced herself in English!


And then, Miyazaki-sensei has became a full Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology!


Really congratulation for his promotion!


And time files like an arrow, the end of their internship came.

Followings are the photos in send-off party.


Ladies with good smile!


Beer really suit Max!


We took commemorative photo in front of the bar.

I was very happy because Maeda-kun said “This internship was so high density life for me”.

But I also feel these internships are good studying for not only internship student but also for us.

In October, new international students will come to our lab.

So I want to study more and more things with them!


Good luck, Maeda-kun and Fah!