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Open campus on 8 November

Hello. I am Sawada, M1 student.

I would like to report about the open campus on 8 November.

It was a rainy day, but many visitors, especially children, came to NAIST.
I think it was one of the liveliest days in the building. We were also very excited.

In the IMD lab, we had three demos; A special camera by which we can recognize shape, a picture book with AR, and imperceptible markers on a large display.

11A special camera by which we can recognize shape
22a picture book with AR

IMG_4882imperceptible markers on a large display


I saw many visitors whom enjoyed the demos. If some children were excited and learned something, that makes us very happy as researchers.

We welcome two students & one Post-Docs as a our lab’s member.

I’m Kazuki Sakai(M2 student).
We welcome two students & one Post-Docs as a our lab’s member.
I got a message from them.

  • Aitor Rovira(Post-Docs)
    Aitor Rovira joined Interactive Media Design Lab at NAIST as a post doctoral researcher in November 2015. He received his BSc in Computer Engineering in 2002 from Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain). In 2006, after some years working as a software and database consultant, he decided to join the university again to study a MSc in Computing: Visualization, Graphical Interaction, and Virtual Reality, between Universitat of Girona and Universtiat Politecnica of Catalunya. After completing his MSc thesis at Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (Lafayatte, LA, USA), he moved to University College London (UK) to pursue his PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Professor Mel Slater.He is interested in exploring new applications for mixed reality systems in other non-technology related fields, with a special attention to health sciences. He is also interested in human-computer interaction, motion tracking and machine learning, and how these research fields can contribute to enhance immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

    Aitor Rovira

    Aitor Rovira

  • Varunyu Fuvattanasilp(M1 student)
    My name is Varunyu Fuvattansilp my hometown is Bangkok, Thailand (south east Asia for people who not know). Now I’m M1 master student in Interactive media design lab at Nara institution of science and technology(NAIST). What I’m interested in is Human computer interface, Augmented Reality, Visual Reality and Head mounted display device. Last year I have an internship at NAIST(but not this lab :D) during last week of internship I saw presentation of project about Augmented Reality and I start to have an interested in Augmented Reality technology before I graduate I got a recommend from my friend about this lab so that how I join this lab. Living in this lab is not hard at all since half of member is foreign, half is Japanese and everyone can speak English. I just been here for only 2 month so there are a lot of experience waiting for me here.
  • Markus Ylimäki(Internship Students)
    My name is Markus Ylimäki and I come from the university of Oulu, Finland. I am a fourth year Phd student and my research interests are in the field of computer vision, especially in multi-view stereo reconstruction. My research aims at a method which is able to build compact and light weight but still relatively accurate 3-D models of scenes and objects purely from a set of photographs representing them. I came to Japan and NAIST for a short internship (about 2.5 months) on the 4th of October with my wife and son (currently about nine months old). So far my research here is mainly concentrated on building a large scale reconstruction of an indoor environment using a RGB-D camera. On my free time, I have enjoyed Japan a lot with my family. We have had great experiences and I think I will miss this wonderful country and my stay here at NAIST.

Now we are even more international in character.
If you are interested in our lab, please access the following link.

See you next time!