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Report of Visiting Tokyo Institute of Technology

Hello, all.
This is Ryoko Kato, M1 Student.

On 8 July, I visit Professor Sato’s laboratory in Tokyo Institute of technology to presence the technology transfer of SPIDAR-W: SPIDAR-W is a wearable haptic device.
I’d like to thank Professor Sato allowing me to attend the technology transfer.

SPIDAR is haptic interface to give the force feedback to users using motors.
Professor Sato’s laboratory developed SPIDAR-G: users operate a sphere and they can get the force feedback from SPIDAR-G, SPIDAR-MF: users move their fingers attached with strings and they can get the force feedback from SPIDAR-MF, and many haptic devices.
I’d like develop the haptic system using SPIDAR-MF and Augumented Reality on my research.

In this day, Professor Sato and Professor Akahane give me the advice for my research, and I go through a few demonstration of SPIDAR-G.

* Observing students constructing SPIDAR-W
* To Use haptic system using SPIDAR-G
* Watching a video of SPIDAR-G

To use haptic system using SPIDAR-G left an strong impression on me.


Demonstration of SPIDAR-G

Through this opportunity, my motivation towards my research is raise.
However, I felt I should have to learn more wide field of knowledge.

I’d like conclude this article with photograph of a delicious lunch.

Thank you.


School Cafeteria’s Qeema Curry

Ryoko Kato