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Hello. This is Matsui. I’m an M1 student in IMD Lab.
I attended SIG-MR which was held in Kyoto University from January 19th to 20th. This was a joint conference held in cooperation with CVIM, PRMU, MVE, CEA. As a result, I had the privilege of listening to many interesting presentations from various fields.

My presentation was on the first day. Surely everything was not perfect, but I believe it all went well considering the fact that it was my first presentation. I received a lot of questions and comments about our method and experiments. I hope the listeners were satisfied with my answers. 🙂


During the second day, I presented my poster and attended to lots of other poster sessions. I talked with not only researchers from SIG-MR, but also professionals from another conferences. Eventually, I got many additional comments from different aspects.


Preparing the presentation was a hard task for me. Also, I personally felt that the trip to Kyoto University was hard due to it being a one day round-trip. It took so long time to go there and come back…

I will continue to work on this study with SIG-MR experience during the following days. I hope I can produce good results in the near future.
Thank you for time and I wish to you the best.

Internship at University of Oulu -interim report-

I’m Yuma Ouchi, M1 student.
Currently I am studying abroad as internship student for one month at University of Oulu. Since half of the internship period has passed, I will make an interim report.

I belong to the group of Prof. Janne in Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In this internship, I decided to learn the basis of multi-view stereo while discussing with Prof. Janne. At first I don’t have confidence in my English ability, but I can somehow discuss with him because he can listen to my unclear English.

In my department, one room is allocated to about 2 to 4 people. Below is the state of my laboratory.




There are two Chinese students in the same room. For that reason, despite studying in Finland, I usually act with Chinese students. Last weekend I had traditional Chinese dishes at the student dormitory. I appreciate their support for everything around me.




Next, I would like to mention Finland. Before studying abroad, I was worried that it was too cold to bear. But It was okay as it was past the cold peak. Sensually it is almost the same as Sapporo that I went there one month ago. Having said that, the sunshine time in this time of Finland is too short (about 5-6 hours). And, because I am in the university during the day, I feel that I have not seen the cityscape of bright time yet.

It may seem like Finnish negative publicity so far, but actually I am enjoying including such things.

I will make a final report after returning Japan.

Internship at NARVIS Lab.

Hello, I’m Ryo Akiyama who became D1 student from this October.

I did an internship at NARVIS Lab. which is supervised by Prof. Nasir Navab for about two month. The project that I participated in there was using a projector as a surgery lamp in order to support surgery with a HMD. In the lab, they implemented the system that show AR born using an optical see-through HMD to support surgery. However, surgery lamp projects bright light equally, and in that environment, OST-HMD cannot product enough contrast, so it is difficult to see AR contents. In addition, if HMD shows just AR contents with overlaying to human body, we do not perceive that AR contents are inside of body. We tend to feel that AR contents are floating. Our idea to solve the problem is that replacing a surgery lamp with a projector, and control its brightness of AR area in order to get enough contrast and decreasing floating perception.



Before implementing that system in real scene, I implemented simple simulation to create projecting images when viewpoint of HMD user moves. This is my main progress during my stay. There are two window, left one is view from HMD user and the right one is simulated image for projecting. This time, we did not use real medical data to begin from easy situation. We used famous bunny 3D model as a projected object(this will be patient in the future), and simple triangle as an AR content(this will be AR bone or other medical AR contents). From HMD view, we see same triangle even when change the viewpoint. And right window creates image for projection from a fixed projector.

Simulation program that I made during the internship

Simulation program that I made during the internship

From here, I will tell you about few things in Munich. Munich is very beautiful city with historical buildings, and there are many transportation like train, subway or trams, so very easy to access almost anywhere in Munich. Also, during my stay, Christmas Market has began since the end of November at many places in Munich. In Christmas Market, Gluhwein(mulled wine. hot and sweet.) is very popular, and they are usually served with a mug. It tastes very good, and I got some mugs as souvenirs. I also went to Neuschwanstein Castle which is well known as a model of the Cinderella castle. It was snowy when I went there, so I saw the castle in the snow.

Christmas Market at Marien Platz

Christmas Market at Marien Platz

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

My days in Munich was not so long, but it was really good experience. I wish I can go to Munich again if possible.

Thank you for reading!!