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IMD Lab. 10th Anniversary

Hello everyone. I’m Mizuki Ando, M2 student.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Interactive Media Design Laboratory.

Congratulations, Kato-sensei!!

We organized a reception on August 26th which was held in Tennoji, Osaka. Approximately 50 people attended the reception; including current and previous lab members. It was incredibly exciting to listen various stories and watch old classmates reunite after a very long time.
There was also a short presentation where we had a glimpse of our laboratory’s past.

Party venue

During the second half, we presented gifts to both Kato-sensei and our beloved secretary; Ueno-san. We present Kato-sensei with a figure skating ticket and Ueno-san with a travel ticket.

Kato-Sensei is talking about figure skate enthusiastically.

Finally, we took a group photo before the end.

Group photo

We will take over tradition what seniors have made up. And from the 10th anniversary, we would like to keep up as a member of IMD ahead. Kato-Sensei and everyone in IMD Lab, we look forward to working with you.

MIRU 2017 at Hiroshima

This is Qirui Zhang, a D3 student. I am reporting my experience in MIRU 2017 at Hiroshima.

Hiroshima is a very peaceful city. There is a river running through, which makes the summer not so unbearable hot.

The cover photo of MIRU signboard is “A-bomb dome”

MIRU meeting is held near the site of famous “ A-Bomb Dome“, where a lot of tourists gather around middle of August anniversarily in memory of victims of Little Boy.









Hiroshima is also famous for its seafood.

Taketomi-Sensei treated me conger bowl(穴子丼).

In 3 days stay I ate 13 fried oysters(カキフライ) in total.






My poster presentation was at the third day, 8.10.

I am holding a Macbook, standing near my poster, waiting for audience to come, cheerfully.

It’s about refine upsampled depth image using re-weighted l1 minimization.

There are quite some visitors.

Most of them asked deep details of the algorithm, which made each conversation very long.

They also provided some advice from the view I never took before. Communication is really important in research.





I am satisfied with this trip.