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ICAT-EGVE’2017 at Adelaide, Australia

Hello, everyone.
I’m Haruka Matsumura, an M1 student.

Last week, I and Taketomi-sensei went to Adelaide in Australia and we attended ICAT-EGVE’2017.
This was first time trip to the foreign country for me.
I felt Adelaide is nice townscape and scotch steak is very delicious.

The conference’s keynote talk was “Small, Lightweight and Fast: A Near Future of On-the-go AR and Wearables”. The speaker is Professor Thad Starner.
He is a wearable computing pioneer, a Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech and a Technical Lead on Google Glass.
We could listen to interesting talk about current and future of AR and wearable.

Keynote talk by Prof. Thad Starner

In oral presentations, there was the sum of 33 presentations (full paper and short paper) in 8 sessions.
The study related to “Eyes” won awards of best full paper and best short paper.


Taketomi-sensei explaining his poster

In poster presentations, there were 17 posters, and I and Taketomi-sensei presented.
It’s a study of using AR for a practice of athletes in a sport.
I could receive several pieces of advice and some comments like “It’s an interesting study” from people, so I’m happy.
But, unfortunately, I spoke haltingly and explanation was a few words…
I strongly think I have to more learn English to good communication.

Me explaining the poster


The banquet venue

In the banquet, we had went to winery and I could purchase a wine by discount as souvenir for my family.
The next conference will be held in Limassol, Cyprus.

I think this trip was a good experience for me.