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Internship at University of Oulu

I’m Shuichi Otani,M1 student.I’ve finished one month internship at University of Oulu,and came back last week. I would like to make a report on it.

First of all, I’ll report about contents I tackled at the University of Oulu.In this internship, I belonged to Tapio Seppanen and Professor Tiina Seppanen ‘s Physiological Signal Analysis Group in CMVS (The Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis).I analyzed data of Respiratory Effort Belts which is the research theme of Professor Tiina.The reason for choosing this theme is that it is in common with my research at NAIST in terms of fusion of information technology and medicine, so I thought there might be something that could be applied to my research.

Prof.Tiina with me

Respiratory Effort Belts can estimate various information on breathing, such as pace of respiration, flow rate, etc., from chest and belly movements.In this internship, I analyzed the relationship between the accurate value measured by spirometer and the estimated value measured by Respiratory Effort Belts.The data used for the analysis is what measured real allergic patients at the hospital, and treating such data was a very valuable experience.


I used software called SPSS for analysis. It was my first time for using that software, so I had a difficulty at the beginning.Thanks of the roommates’ help, I finally managed to submit results to Professor Tiina somehow.
This internship gained me new knowledge and it was also a good opportunity to deepen understanding of my research.


Next I will write about Finland.
First of all, it was so cold anyhow. It fell to a minimum of -23 ℃ during my stay.

However, except for the low temperature, the life in Finland was very comfortable and wonderful.
The streets are beautiful, the food is delicious, there is also a shopping center near the hotel, which made my life like I spend in Japan.

Pictures in Oulu city

Also I met Ilyas who had been an internship at IMD lab last year.
I had a really good time with him during this internship. At the last weekend he took me to Kemi’s Snow Castle. Thanks of him it has been a very pleasant internship.

Pictures with Ilyas

Although it was a short period, I had a valuable experience. I would like to engage in research by taking advantage of experience in Oulu.
Finally, I would like to thank to the professors of University of Oulu and the Interactive Media Design Laboratory who supported me in this internship.

Kiitos !!