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Internship at University of Oulu

Hi, my name is Ayaka Matsumoto, M1 student in IMD lab.

University of Oulu

I have been in an internship at University of Oulu in Finland since 7th January. Here, I join the project team that is working on 3D pose estimation from 2D images with Ph.D. student, Lam and under supervision of  Prof. Janne. This project is using Machine Learning, so I’ve learned about it for a month before I started my internship. It is very challenging work for me, because I have less knowledge about Machine Learning. However I hope I will be able to get some results for this project.

By the way, it is basically -15℃ here, and in the morning and night it goes under -20℃! I have never experienced this super cold weather before, but I’ve never experienced this incredible scene where everything is covered with snow as well. It is very beautiful. Since the campus building wall is painted with fresh color, you can enjoy the contrast between white world of snow and colorful world of college.

It is 3pm. It is getting dark.

White tree covered with snow.

Blue & Yellow hallway

Orange & Yellow hallway

Green lecture room