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Super Science High school

Hello! I’m Shuntaro Ueda. I entered this lab in April of this year.
My recent goal is to make international students laugh in English.
This is my first blog post.

We held Super Science High school for 3 days from August 4, 2020.
We were able to carry out face-to-face prevention of COVID-19 thoroughly.

The theme of this time is “Development of learning support system using Augmented Reality (AR) technology”.

The curriculum is explanation about AR, implementation of sample program, and creation of free assignment.
Student made “Chemical reaction experience application”.
She did everything from idea creation to implementation.

Although she had no programming experience, she was able to master interaction with virtual objects and between two AR markers.
The AR app I created for the first time was cheaper, so I felt a little embarrassed…

Visualized chemical molecule

Water is generated when oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecule are brought close to each other.

Matchsticks and firewood registered in the AR marker. When these are brought close to each other, a fire will occur. It can be erased with water.

It was a valuable experience to teach the student what I learned in this lab.
I am glad the she also enjoyed it.

I’m going to make an AR app for improving English conversation.