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Hi、I’m Tetsuya Kodama, a M2 student.

I participated in the CICP with members of IMD laboratory., which is a research proposal-based project led by students.In this project, our team proposed “Maintaining Work Motivation at Home with AR Avatar Integrated with Robotic Touch” and won the Best award!

Commemorative photo

The team members are described below.
Team leader: Keishi Tainaka
Team member: Isidro Butaslac and Tetsuya Kodama
Supervisor: Taishi Sawabe and Masayuki Kanbara

First,I explain our research briefly.
Based on operant conditioning, which is a method to promote behavioral change by giving a combination of guilt and reward, we proposed “TSUNDERE interaction,” which combines TSUN (cold behavior) as the guilt and DERE(kind behavior) as the reward.If you want to know more detail, please check our pubilication

TSUNDERE Interaction


In this project, we had the cooperation of maid caffe CCOちゃ and Yoshimoto’s comedian 小寺真理さん.In order to create TSUNDERE interaction model, we correct motion data and voice from them.And you can watch the data collection process video on CCOちゃ youtube channel.

Data collection in CCOちゃ

With CCOちゃ maid staff and 小寺真理さん

There were opinions and insights that could be gained by interacting with professionals in the field.I believe that our discussions based on these opinions and insights led to the Best award.Thank you very much for your cooperation.  The CICP also gave me the opportunity to do honest and serious research on my curiosity.Our research is still incomplete, so I would like to work hard to complete it this year!