ISMAR 2014

Hi. I’m Max Krichenbauer. I participated at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2014, where I presented both my theoretical work in the form of a paper as well as my prototype system in the form of a demo. The symposium was held in Munich, which is coincidentally my home town. (I even visited TU Munich at one time for an entrance examination, but then decided to study at a different University).

My presentation was held on the first day in the “Applications” session. I was happy to see that people were interested in my work and asked many questions. I was especially happy to see the third author of the paper at the conference. After the presentation, several people came to me and we had a very interesting discussion during the following coffee break.


The next day, I presented my prototype system. Due to problems with the recently bought Demo PC, I used my private notebook. I discovered that a cable in the glove broke during transport. Thankfully, I still had a friend at TU Munich who was able to quickly organize a soldering iron and I was able to fix the problem.

The prototype worked well, but one of the people to try it had a bit bigger hands and accidentally broke another wire. I did not find this problem immediately and thus had to limit the demonstration to the other glove.

I fixed this problem later at home and presented the prototype again on the next day. This time, everything worked without problems and many people were interested to see and try the system, and gave me feedback and encouragement to continue the development.

Due to my busy schedule, I was not able to see as many presentations and demos as I wanted. However, I was able to test one demo that was similar to mine, but used a RGBD camera and Oculus Rift. Since these technologies are also on my list of options to try out it was very insightful to see their application.

Altogether, it was a very good experience.


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