Innovation Japan 2014

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Here is Luiz (M1). Last week, me and Oshima went to Tokyo for the “Innovation Japan 2014”. In this event, many universities, governmental institutions and companies present their cutting-edge research. It’s a great occasion to show your work and see what other researchers are doing around Japan and abroad (There was many universities from China as well). Also, it is a great opportunity to meet people and expand your network for future opportunities.

Innovation Japan 2014

Innovation Japan 2014

We presented the research “embedding and recognizing invisible markers on digital displays”, which was developed by Yoshio Yamada during his master course and now is officially maintained by Yamamoto sensei. I also have some contribution on this work, since it is a base for my research for management of multi-displays environments. Actually, I was not expecting to see my name as first author on the poster. It was a awesome suprise.

For me, one of the biggest challenges was the language. Since this event was mostly for Japanese audience, sometimes I could not make myself clear during the explanation. In this situation, and in many other times, Oshima gave us a great support. Some visitors were more interested about the marker/tracking system itself, while others were more interested in possible applications for this technology. Then, it was a little trick to try to figure out what part we should put more emphasis in our explanation.

It was also the first time that we were presenting this research outside the lab, and as usual, many unpredictable problems could happen. In order to minimize any issue, I carried to Tokyo spare cameras, computers and all types of cables we could maybe need. During the morning of the first day, we had a problem on the wireless connection between the tablet and the server, probably due the huge amount of wifi networks on the same place. However, it was easily solved buy using an adapter and connection the tablet with wired connection.

We had around 60 visitors, what can be considered a good number. Most of them shown great interest in our research and and complimented us for the results we had so far. It was interesting to see that tried really hard to perceive the hidden dot pattern on the main displays, but it definitely could only be observable by using our application. Many people compared our work with “digital watermark”, which indeed can have some similarity, but the goal is completely different.

This even isn’t only for research in Computer Science. There was also works in Material Science, Chemistry, Medicine, Assistive Technology, Energy and much more. I tried to check other researches as well, but most of information could only be found in Japanese.

Overall, from our side the event was well succeed and we accomplish our goal. Since it was my first public demonstration, it was definitely a great experience and I learned a lot. I hope next time I can show more about my own work.




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