Prof. Rodrigo of Ateneo Visits IMD-Lab

by Marc Ericson C. Santos (D3)

Me, Kato-sensei, Prof. Rodrigo, Yamamoto-sensei and Taketomi-sensei

Marc, Kato-sensei, Prof. Rodrigo, Yamamoto-sensei and Taketomi-sensei

Prof. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo of Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) visited the IMD lab last December 5, 2014. Prof. Rodrigo is the head of the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences. In this laboratory, they have worked on various aspects of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Currently, they are starting a two-year project on developing a mobile/AR game for teaching the history of Manila funded by the Department of Education of the Philippines.

First, Kato-sensei and I had a meeting with her regarding my research. We are currently thinking about a learning scenario that would highlight the effective use of AR in education. We are planning to conduct the experiments in Manila by February and the preparations start from now.

After the meeting, the IMD faculty showed Prof. Rodrigo the various demonstrations of the IMD lab. Here are some of the demonstrations:


Yamamoto-sensei demostrating the lab’s projection-based systems


Taketomi-sensei demontrating the tablet-based AR system for supporting factory work.


Kato-sensei demonstrating a Magic Pop-up Book

After the meeting, we had lunch with Prof. Rodrigo’s former students who are now NAIST students. Over lunch, she told us how impressed she is of the IMD lab’s demos and that she will share what she learned to her students in her HCI classes.

Reg (Prof. Rodrigo's husband), Prof. Rodrigo, Michael (Ito-ken), Enzo (Yokoya-ken), Me chatting at the NAIST cafeteria

Reg (Prof. Rodrigo’s husband), Prof. Rodrigo, Michael (Ito-ken), Enzo (Yokoya-ken), and Marc chatting at the NAIST cafeteria

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