Workshop on Entertainment Computing

I’m Shalika Pathirathna(M1). I participated in 36th workshop on Entertainment Computing organized by IPSJ SIG-EC on 8th-9th June. It was held in Izumo, Shimane prefecture.

There were 15 paper presentations including Osaka university, Hokkaido university, NTT, etc. All of the paper presentations were in Japanese except ours. So I didn’t understand most of them. There were paper presentations from Yamamoto-sensei and Taketomi-sensei as well.

We submitted a paper based on CICP project led by Liem which is, a learning support system using camera tracking for high school physics experiments. My presentation was held in the first day. I got very useful comments from the listeners. After the workshop we went for a party in a nearby restaurant. We had some delicious Japanese food and a great time. Also got a chance to talk with many interesting people. On the next day there was a demo session. We presented our prototype system. Even though other demos looked very interesting I was unable to see them as I wanted due to limited time.


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