Internship at Hunan University

Hello!  I’m Akihiro Biro, M2 student.
I went to Hunan University in China, from 9/6 to 9/19 as an internship.

Hunan University have over 1000 years of history. We can sightseeing old buildings and historical sources.



I did workshop with Hunan University students. In this workshop, we were grouped into three and our group make a program that performs a bone tracking with kinect


In final day, We did demonstration of exercise applications. It can track a person, decide active users, do bone tracking and recognize of pause.

In this two weeks, I get friends with Hunan students. They took me local eateries and stalls in lunch break and dinner time. We were guided to the location where the Hunan students visit everyday, so I felt Chinese culture and atmosphere.



From Saturday to Monday during the period We traveled the world heritage, Zhangjiajie.



Very good experience!

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