CEA Workshop in Okinawa

Hello, I am M2 student Seiya Kojima.
We participated to a domestic workshop named Multimedia on Cooking and Eating Activities (CEA) on 7th-8th in March.

It was held in Nago City of Okinawa Prefecture.
Once more, Okinawa!
It was warm and comfy in Okinawa and I made a good presentation thanks to the climate.

2016-03-07 14.38.28

Hibiscuses were in blooming.

About the workshop, it was organised by four technnology committees and four different workshops were held at the same time.
The co-organizers were
1. Multimedia and Virtual Environment (MVE)
2. Image Engineering (IE)
3. Image Media Quality (IMQ)
4. Communication Quality (CQ)

On campus of Meio University, the venue of workshop

On campus of Meio University, the venue of workshop.

I presented our research in CEA that was jointly hosted with MVE.
I am going to introduce our research first because some of you might think why Cooking and Eating Activities?
We are focusing on a diet therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease.
We analyzed nutritional data from diets for patients by using KNApSAcK Family Database and developed menu planning support method and evaluated its effectiveness.
In our laboratory, we are using not only AR or VR technologies, but also some other technologies for interaction design reseach.
I am studying this topic in cooperation with Computational Systems Biology Laboratory in NAIST and Faculty of Agriculture in Kinki University and trying to develop a beneficial system.

My presentation title slide

My presentation title slide.

About workshop, there were some research presentations I was interested in.
The research which introduced a novel method to present virtual food texture by using electrical muscle stimulation to the muscles of mastication was interesting because the technology might be able to increase the level of satisfaction that people get from eating.
There were many other research for cooking and eating activities such as automatic calorie estimation from food images and changing the taste of beverages by modifying their saturation.
I saw massive potential in using information technologies for eating activities.


Lunch with professors of our research project.

I discussed with professors and students from other universities in a social gathering.
I am very thankful to all professors whom took me to this workshop.

We enjoyed eating tuna at social gathering.

We enjoyed eating tuna at social gathering.