IEEE VR 2016

Hi, this is Ryo Akiyama, M1 student.
We participated in IEEE VR 2016 on 19th – 23rd in March.
It was held in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
In Greenville, it was nice weather and very nice place to stay.

Liberty Bridge(famous bridge in Greenville)

Liberty Bridge(famous bridge in Greenville)

From our lab, Liem and I participated in the conference.
Liem’s poster was on the poster session, and he had short presentation about his poster.

Liem and his poster

Liem and his poster

Liem's presentation

Liem’s presentation

I had a presentation at the workshop, “Perceptual and Cognitive Issues on AR(PERCAR)”.
PERCAR is the workshop about human perception and cognition in augmented reality(AR).
It was my first presentation in conferences, so I was very nervous.
However, some professors told me that I did good job at the presentation.
I think my presentation was not so bad, but my answers to questions from audiences were bad.
I will work more…

Akiyama's presentation

Akiyama’s presentation

Also, Oshima’s paper is accepted to 3DUI, and his poster is on the poster session in IEEE VR.
But he was not there, so Kenny presented about Oshima’s paper in stead.

Kenny's presentation

Kenny’s presentation

As I already mentioned, it was my first time to have presentation in a conference.
I felt that it is difficult to tell about researches to people who don’t know about it.
But it was very good experience, I want to have better presentation and question-and-answer next time.
I will work more to go IEEE VR 2017 in Los Angeles!!

Kati-Sensei and Yamamoto-sensei on the bus

Kato-Sensei and Yamamoto-sensei, on the bus