Hello. I am D1 student Oral Kaplan.

During October 9-12, I attended to 2016 IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics conference and presented my work with the title of “In-situ Visualization of Pedaling Forces on Cycling Training Videos”. The conference was held in Budapest, Hungary. There were two hotels designated as conference venues; InterContinental and Sofitel. Unlike all other conferences we focus in our laboratory, this conference governs a much broader spectrum. There is no definitive target, instead it includes Brain-Machine Interface (BMI), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Robotics, Software Engineering and many more. Although this situation reduces the overall quality of the works, it creates an environment where people can learn about different research fields to broaden their vision.

I participated in many sessions and I believe in general the conference itself was a quite nice experience. The topics that I listened to included eye tracking, advancements in BMI technologies, pattern recognition and image processing, and many more poster sessions about various topics.

There were multiple keynote speakers but maybe the most important one, the opening keynote, was given by Jose M. Carmena from Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute of UC Berkeley, USA. The topic of his talk was about “Advances in Brain-Machine Interface Systems”. The final part of his speech where he explained wireless capture of brain activity was very interesting.

The best student paper award, which I was interested in, was given to the paper titled as “Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation using Kernel Dictionary Learning and Superpixel-level Features”.

I guess this is enough text and enough explanation. I am leaving you with some pictures that I took during the conference and my trip to Budapest.



My poster presentation


Too bad that not everybody can win


From the keynote of Jose M. Carmena : the future of BMI


Conference banquet : this guy really wanted to eat…


Horse show : how to make a horse sit like a dog


The architectural design of buildings in Budapest was fascinating


A church in Budapest


Royal Palace


A little bit of nightlife


There are many nice coffee shops in Budapest and they also serve lots of delicious food


I had to try the kebab there…