Welcome party

Nice to meet you, Here is Yuto Inamitsu M2.

It’s already May.

I think of the fact that one year passed since I entered the school, I feel the word that time flies.

This year, four M1s and six internships joined the Interactive Media Design Laboratory.

When I faced the face with M1 freshmen first, I felt that ” Were I similar to them?” for last year’s self.
It seems I have become accustomed to NAIST and this lab.

Well, one month has already passed since the entrance ceremony of the freshman, we had a welcome party for M1 and internship students.

They introduced themselves with their funny episodes, after that, each new member started to talk with members of the laboratory and eat Yakiniku!.

As a man who organized the welcome party this time, I was concerned whether they will get used to lab members or not., but see them after the welcome party I am relieved to see both of them were having fun talkings.


Internships from France

Struggling to come up with an funny episode

Sorry, this is the first time to write a blog post for me.
So it is doubtful whether the delightful atmosphere of a welcome party has been conveyed, but I think that this party has become a good start to living a research life for new students.

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