IEEE VR 2018

Hi. D2 Oral is here.

From March 17th to 22nd, we visited Reutlingen in Germany to participate IEEE VR 2018. Me and Akiyama had a poster presentation and Nicko introduced his work in the form of a conference paper.  Overall I believe it was a valuable experience for all of us to learn about new technologies and create connections with researchers from all around the world.

The conference took place in Stadthalle Reutlingen for a total of five days; two for workshops and tutorials, three for the actual conference. Although the name of the conference is VR, it included research focusing on MR, AR, haptics or distinct interaction technologies. I was mostly interested in “Tutorial on Cutting-Edge VR/AR Display Technologies” due to its focus on “Motion-Aware Displays”.

As always, I will cut it short and let pictures do the talking about this episode of my studies. Detailed info on conference and awards given will probably be shared by my colleagues anyways… 😉


Stadthalle Reutlingen

You can always learn new laws

Spätzle and Weissbier

You can always listen an acquaintance’s presentation

Super computer at Max Planck Institute

Somebody is doing cycling research?

A nice work on tactile cues

Nicko’s presentation



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