IEEE VR 2018 (Akiyama)

Hello, I’m Ryo Akiyama, D2 student.
I attended to IEEE VR 2018 in Reutlingen, Germany (March 18th ~ 22nd).
It was very cold, and snow still remained in the city.

Welcome to IEEE VR 2018 !


Stadthalle Reutlingen

From IMD lab, Oral, Nicko, and I attended this year. Oral and I had poster presentation, and Nicko had conference paper presentation. Nicko presented his work about comparing efficiency of AR and VR environments for memorizing spatial position. Oral presented his work about visualizing knee movement for supporting bicycle training with less risk of injury.

Nicko’s presentation


Oral’s fast forward presentation

I presented about light projection technology to control object color by inducing visual illusion. Projectors only can add colors to real objects by overlaying light projection. However, when the object is not white, only a limited colors can be presented by projection. Our project want to overcome this limitation by inducing one of the visual illusion, color constancy. I presented current results with my poster. Many people more than I expected came to my poster. I had many discussion with them. It was great time for me to know many opinions or questions.

The largest number of participants ever!

IEEE VR 2019 in Osaka, Japan.

Next year, IEEE VR 2019 will be held in Osaka, Japan. Nowadays, AR and VR have became very popular in many field. I expect many participants more than this year come to IEEE VR in Osaka.

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