Greetings Everyone!
Damien Rompapas, D3 student, Reporting for Duty!

I participated in two conferences back-to-back:
ACM UIST 18 (31st symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) in Berlin, Germany
IEEE ISMAR 18 (17th International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) in Munich, Germany

Where I presented a game developed as part of my research work as a demonstration.

I presented HoloRoyale: A Large Scale High Fidelity Augmented Reality game
(you can see a video explaining the work here: video )

The presentation was quite enjoyable, I gave a demo and teaser many people wouldn’t forget

Commander Rompapas ready to present the 1 minute teaser!

Of course I enjoyed various other activities, such as enjoying the local food in Munich, one restaurant was quite special, you could order a specific cut of meat and they cooked it up for you (which leaves a bone one can have a little fun with!)

Goofing off at a specialist steak restaurant

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