Internship at Technical University of Munich

Hello, I am Kenta Sugiyama who is a M1 student in IMD lab. I had been to Technical University of Munich in Germany as an internship student from 9th October to 6th December. I joined the project team that is working on IMU sensor fusion under supervison of Ph.D. student, Jadid and Prof. Klinker. My work was to run sensor fusion on a microcontroller. I learned α lot about IMU sensor fusion, Kalman Filter algorithm, and implementation on microcontroller.

In Germany, it was colder than in Japan. Even in October I felt the same as in Japan in winter. You need to bring warm clothes even If you plan to visit Germany in only autumn.

The right picture shows a famous slider in the Maths and Informatics building of the university. I was going to slide on the last day, but the entrance was closed on the day, so I couldn’t slide… (Maybe I have next time!)

In the university, ”Language Cafe” is held once a week like the picture below (I got this picture from the University website). You can speak the language what you want to speak if you sit that language table. Actually I could make many friends who are interested in Japan. I was surprised and happy because many students were interested in Japan and could speak Japanese.

I had great time and great experience in Munich. The all lab members were kind and I could concentrate in my research project. Thank you for all!