ICMI 2020

Hello, I’m Zhou Hangyu, D2 student.

I participated in ICMI 2020 during October 25th to 30th. My short paper, “effectiveness of virtual reality playback in public speaking training”, was accepted for it’s workshop, Social Affective Multimodal Interaction for Health (SAMIH).
It was my first time to participate a academic conference, felt a bit stressed but it was online which sounds much better, and everything goes fine. They asked some questions.
What I remember most is the question asking how the facial expression could impact the users, it’s a very important question of our research since we also hide the facial expression form the record. Of cause it’s a important part for public speaking, but getting only facial expression many require more device which may cause some effects to the presentation, and it may not so important comparing to other performance. So we decided to remove that.
But it would be a very interesting topic to clear the importance for each part of public speaking performance in playback.

I also learned a lot from the keynotes at the workshop and it related much to my research, or my future research. They shared their works in social skill training and virtual doctors for mental health, very enthusiasm. It was a good chance to know what research questions are people around world now thinking or facing about, and believe the AR/VR could bring more possibility strongly.

The meeting was nice, but since it was online so I’m sorry that I can not put any pictures here.

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