Hi、I am Keishi Tainaka, a D1 student.

I attended IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality(ISMAR) between November 9 and 13.
In this conference, I presented about my paper, “Guideline and Tool for Designing an Assembly Task Support System Using Augmented Reality“.

If there was no COVID-19, this conference would be held in Brazil, with its beautiful tropical skies and seas. So, this was a remote conference in a virtual world. And the time of the event of Brazil is the exact opposite of Japanese time(JST), starting around 8:00 pm and ending at 8:00 pm in JST. So, it has confused my health.

Before the presentation, I made my avatar first. I made my hair blonde for a makeover.

In the presentation, I did this on the stage.

Even if it was virtual, I was very nervous. The question and answer session was held in English, so I prepared a variety of questions and answers beforehand, because I am not very good at that. I would like to thank Fujimoto-sensei and the lab members for their cooperation in their busy schedules.

As a result, I got some valuable questions from the great professors, which was very helpful for my future work.

During the break, I played dance, boat race and soccer on the beach with my lab members.

This is dancing on the beach with my seniors.


After my presentation, I learned a lot of useful things about the future research and presentation ways from other presentations.

The conference itself was streamed live on Youtube, and the tension and excitement of presenting in front of people from all over the world was something I have never felt before. It made me feel happy to be in the doctoral course.

Next time, I would like to experience that atmosphere again in a real place, so I would like to work hard on my research.




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