HAI2023 at Gothenburg(Sweden)

Hej, Hur mår du?

Jag heter Sawabe.

HAI (Human-Agent Interaction) 2023 was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

IMD gave one oral presentation and two poster presentations.

It was cold and snowy in Sweden in December, but we had a lot of fun in discussions with various researchers at the venue.

The discussions with various researchers at the venue were very exciting.

I met Manuel (poster presenter), who used to come to IMD as an internship from Germany, after a long time,
(He came from Germany by plane to Sweden, but his flight was suddenly canceled due to heavy snow in Munich the day before.)

We talked about each other’s recent situation and our next research projects, etc. It was a very productive conference.

Since researchers from various countries were present at the local presentations, we were able to discuss the research we were doing

(especially when we expressed the nuances of Japanese in English).

We were also able to get advice from various perspectives, which was very helpful.

It was great to get advice from various perspectives.
(I am currently writing a paper at the airport in transit on my way home based on my findings here: ☺️😪)

Above: Gothenburg (Sweden) in the snow, it was so cold to the venue that I almost lost my ears (hat must).

Good luck for the next one!