SIGGRAPH Asia at Australia

Hi everyone,
Nice to meet you, I’m M2 Soshiiro Ueda.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 was held in Sydney, Australia.

December in Australia was in the middle of summer, with temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius on some days!

SIGGRAPH Asia is a conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive technologies, in which we participated as exhibitors.

We demonstrated for 3 days the “AR (Argument Reality) task support system” that we are currently researching.

Since researchers from from various fields attended at the exhibition, we were able to ask for feedback on the our demo and discuss the research we were doing.

We were able to get advice from various perspectives, which was very helpful and exciting.

I was very tired because I was on my feet for almost all of the three days, but it was a wonderful experience.

Next year’s SIGGRAPH Asia will be held in Tokyo. I am very much looking forward to it!