KJMR2013 (Fujimoto)

What is KJMR?:
The aim of this workshop is to create opportunities for sharing and exchanging research results and practical experiences in this exciting field in an informal atmosphere.
Date: April 13-14th 2013
Place: OIST Seaside house, Okinawa
Participants: about 50
presentation: 28

Hello, this is Yuichiro Fujimoto, PhD student (D2).

Do you think there are any people who don’t like Okinawa?

Of course NOT!

Kato-sensei, Taketomi-sensei. Marc, Angie and I participated in KJMR2013.
As you can image in the name of this workshop, this work shop specializes in AR/MR filed.

Kato-sensei, Taketomi-sensei. Marc, Angie and I participated in KJMR2013. We could see the beautiful sea from the conference venue.

As you can image in the name of this workshop, this workshop is specialized in the field of AR/MR.

“How happy I am to be able to listen at presentations about many AR/MR researches. The only point that I’m disappointed is that we can not swim in this beautiful sea…”

Because we have to leave Okinawa soon after the workshop, we were supposed to have no time to go to the beach.
However, because of Kanbara-sensei’s great decision, the schedule was changed! We could participate in a snorkeling activity! Thank you! Kanbara-sensei!


About my presentation
Even if I understood the audience’s question in the Q & A session, I could not answer to it correctly. I think this is because the lack of preparation about Q & A and my slide made audiences misunderstand.

I would like to thank Igor-san and other foreign students in my laboratory again.
Thank you for all your support about my presentation!


A presentation I was interested in is the following.
Projection-based Mixed Reality for Deformable Surfaces
Parinya Punpongsanon, Daisuke Iwai, Kosuke Sato

It’s very similar to our research topic!
In addition, slides of this presentation were well designed. At last, the author of this presentation won the best presentation prize.
I have had a very mixed feelings about that the research similar to our research was awarded.
However, I was very happy to talk with the author about our research topic (the projection to a deformable marker).

Whenever I participated in conferences, I felt the following things.
“It took so much time to prepare for the conference… But the experience I had in the conference was worth doing it.” I’m not telling a lie.
For M2 and M1 students,
Let’s participate in many conferences from now!

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