GCAD workshop

This is Arno, I am an M2 student at the IMD Lab.

I went to this year’s GCAD workshop to present my master’s research
on multi-scale particle-based fluid simulations. The workshop took place in
Toyohashi on Septemper, 9th.

2013-09-09 11.04.43

The title of my presentation was “Adaptive Particle Splitting based on Turbulence
Energy for Fluid Simulations on GPUs” and I talked mainly about ideas on how
to dynamically sample fluids in certain regions at higher resolution to better
capture small scale details such as splashes. I was given 20 minutes presentation
time followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. Unfortunately for me,
my presentation was the only one in English, and so, even though most presentations
looked very interesting, I could not understand most of it. Most of the presenters
were masters and doctoral students. However, professors and people from the industry
had a talk as well. The workshop itself was very short. It contained nine
presentations over three sessions and finished at around 19:00h. Afterwards,
there was a dinner party, which I did not attend as my trip to Toyohashi was
quite exhausting and I wanted to go back as soon as possible.

I was happy to meet Professor Fujisawa, who is now professor at the University
of Tsukuba, again. During my masters period he kindly gave me a lot of advise
for my research.

For more information on the workshop itself, please check their website at:

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