This is Hosana Kimura(M2).

I participated in HIS2013 and this is my report about this event.

Conference: Human Interface Symposium 2013
Date: September 10-13th 2013
Place: Waseda University, Tokyo

I participated in a conference for the first time in my NAIST life!
I am glad to take part in the conference. πŸ™‚

HIS2013 is held in Waseda University.
Waseda University… Of course, I know! This university is famous in Japan.

First, I took a commemorative photo:
2013-09-10 12.04.55_2

My presentation started on the 13th… I hoped for an earlier date…

This conference was held for four days.
Some workshops were offered in HIS2013. I will report about the workshop held on the 11th.
The theme is “Words are imitation. Let’s express feelings in your body”.
What is “surprise”? What is “joy”? What is “sensation”?
We discussed about these feelings and expressed it in our own silhouette.
#”Surprise” is a method of crisis prevention. It is important to bend backward.
#Why do you raise your hand to express “surprise”?
#This pose is easily understandable. But I have never done this pose.
and so on…
Surprise: Bend backward and raise my hands. β”—(0o0)β”›
Joy: Raise my hand and jump! v(^v^)/
Sensation: Hold my arms open upward and look upward. \_(0_0)_/
Sorry… I forgot to take pictures. Can you understand what I explained?
Of course, there are no answers. But I heard that each groups discussed about similar contents and this result is also similar. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

About Other Research
My favorite is this one:
Uesugi et al., “Steering Wheel Interface Focused on Bimanual Coordination”
Tools are categorized as easy or difficult. Almost everyone says “I want to use the easy one.” However, the difficulty is often increasing with the tool’s functionality (e.g. tricycle and bicycle). They focused on this factor and discussed about the design.
Um… I am interested in this idea. It’s challenging!

My Presentation
Title: Map-based Navigation System for Learning Route Planning
I will introduce my research briefly. The aim of this research is to develop a navigation system which will teach users self-navigation.
The result is…
The presentation was so-so. But the question-and-answer session was not so good.
Some audiences say “I think that this proposed method is not expected to get learning effect.”
I could not explain clearly…
I could have been able to make the presentations more compelling.
2013-09-13 10.35.43_2

Making a presentation outside was a good opportunity.
I can get the opinion from an audience who listened to my presentation for the first time. From their comments, I can learn points to be improved. This is a very important thing!

This report is over. Thank you for reading!

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