Report of staying Oulu university

Hyvää päivää!

Minä olen Naoto Bando!



My name is Naoto Bando!


I learned some clean Finnish. And I’m writing this article in the night train to Helsinki.




I have already stayed laboratory in Oulu for almost 4 weeks.

The day when I go back to Japan is coming soon.

Then!!! I’ve got a pain in my teeth…

I got the lesson here. “Health is really priceless.”


Anyway! below is report of staying Oulu!


<strong>I’ve met Zeeshan again in Oulu!!</strong>


Zeeshan who researched in interactive media laboratory came back to Oulu university.

Three, two, one, smile!


To meet friends in foreign country made me happy and strange nice feeling.

He came back to Oulu through Turkey. And he said “It was too long…” with a bitter smile.





<strong>About the laboratory</strong>

During my stay, a visitor came. And one researcher in lab held a demonstration.

His research is to develop the navigation system for a blind person.

This system navigate a blind person by using a stick set a magnet to the tip and the magnet buried in the sidewalk.

And I heard the prototype system which inform them to an intersection by vibrate the magnet buried in the sidewalk.



One shot as a memory!



<strong>About Oulu university</strong>

The building of Oulu university is very colorful. I was surprised at that color.

Every color has high intensity. It is like a Composition of Mondrian.

Especially the stairs from 1st floor to laboratory’s floor is covered with yellow.

When it is fine, the floor becomes so bright that I’m dazzled.






<strong>Debonair people in the bar</strong>

There are many bars and cafes. On Saturday, a lot of people are drinking at the terrace.

Drinking debonair people sometimes talk to me. The ecology of this kind of people is almost same as Japan.


By the way, for that people, Japanese is unusual. One person said “In my working place, there are some Chinese but there is no Japanese”.



And then he slowly a p  p   r    o    a     c      h        e        d……………..





He kissed my cheeks…………




I felt danger. So I quickly went out.

This is the most dangerous experience in my staying…………


<strong>So Fujimoto-san, please pay attention</strong>



<strong>About Oulu</strong>

The townscape of Oulu is very beautiful. There is the sea near the town.

I could enjoy the nature.

If I go a little ways out of the urban area, I felt trees and cityscape live together.




By the way, there was japanese event named Japan Days.

As introduction of japanese culture, there was cosplay show…..

Is cosplay japanese culture???


Then the completion of the event, all staff did Bon Dance…

I saw the really strange something…..




Anyway the person of Finland is very kind.

When I met inhabitant on the stairs, everyone say “Hei!” with smiling.


This is the very small thing. But I think this kind of behavior keeps the mental health.

In my staying, I study the importance of it.

So when I was in Japan, I was rude. But henceforth I want to be sincerely.



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