Workshop of Human Interface Society(SIG-DE-08):(Fujimoto)

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Hello, I’m Fujimoto, M2 student at IMD lab.
I participated in the workshop of Human Interface Society on December 20th.

This workshop was held at Chiba Industrial University.
Each presentation consists of 20 minutes presentation session and 10 minutes question-and-answer session and 30 minutes “author interview” session, which is very attractive for persons who love discussions.

Author interview is the session that each presenter can discuss with each audience after the presentations, so to speak, Super Extra Time.
Because of shortage of time and requirement for quick response, They can not discuss well in the presentation session. Author interview session can resolve this problem completely.

This is my first experience of this session and I prepared myself for dying by hard questioning in this session. But I’m alive! I got many useful comments which make my research better. I hope other conferences or workshops  apply this session.

See You!

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