Taishi Sawabe


Taishi Sawabe (or Max for English name) received his Bachelor’s degree (B.E. adviser Prof. Ma)  from Ritsumeikan University in 2014 in the field of biomimetics robot. He received a Master’s Degree and a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D., Adviser Prof. Hagita) at AMI-Lab in NAIST in 2019 in the field of an autonomous vehicle with passenger comforts. After he received Ph.D., he moved to the IMD-Lab to work as a postdoctoral until 2020. He also joins the CICP projects to create TSUNDERE-interaction with Lab-members. Now, he is working as an Assistant Professor.

His research interest is robotic, HRI, human comforts, and autonomous vehicles.

email: t.sawabe@is.naist.jp

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